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440   great guide for locating radio personalities past and present 45 Sleeves
45 Sleeves   ever wonder which company matches your 45s?  Find out here


  lists discographies for artists from all over the world including label shots
Airchexx   "Where Classic Radio Lives"  listen to airchecks of DJs and radio stations from days gone by
Both Sides Now Publications   label stories and discographies
Classic Bands   This site Remembers Rock and Roll Artists of the 1950s, '60s and '70s with biographies and other interesting information, including This Week In Rock and Roll History, The Stars' Real Names, The History Of Banned Rock, Roll and Rock and Roll's Unsolved Mysteries AND MORE!
Classic Urban Harmony   resource for early Rhythm and Blues
Color Radio  
label discographies
Elvis Presley Records   the Elvis Presley Records search database - discography with label scans
Global Dog Productions   label discographies
Oldies Music   Trivia, Facts, and links to many artists' websites
Righteous Brothers Discography   lists every Righteous Brothers single and LP in chronological order with label scans
SpectroPop   concise guide of producers and groups from the 1960s
White Doo-Wop Collector   great resource for label shots and sound clips of rare and unknown groups