So we may direct your request to the right person, be sure to include the following information: your name and contact information, what format the music is (33's, 45's, 78's, CD's, DVD's, tapes or memorabilia), what genre (rock, soul, country, jazz, blues, classical, polka, etc,) We will get back to as soon as possible, as we are an all volunteer organization. You are always welcome to bring your music to any of our shows for the vendors/dealers to examine. For additional information, please visit the "Unwanted Records" page of this website.


KRC logo

P.O. Box 10532, Lancaster, PA 17605



(REVISED 12/2010: Supersedes all previous revisions)

  1. Only Keystone Record Collectors (KRC) members with paid membership for the current year, and in good standing, are eligible to set up at the Pennsylvania Music Expo (DUES: $15/calendar year).

  2.  Table holders, upon arrival at each show (between 7-9 a.m.), must check in with the Show Coordinator at the KRC club table.
  3.  Set up is between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. show day. No sales are to be transacted outside the building. Because our show is advertised 9-3, we strongly urge dealers to remain set up until the conclusion of the show. Dealers must have all merchandise out of the building by 5 p.m. There will be no exceptions. Violators of the 5 p.m. rule will lose set-up privileges for a period of six months at which time they may appeal for the opportunity to set-up again. A bi-monthly KRC business meeting is held at 3:30 p.m. after the close of the shows in January, March, May, July, September, and November – vendors are urged to attend.
  4.  Space is available on a first come, first served basis. The cost per (6 ft. X 2½ ft.) table is $35. Wall space (8 ft. x 2½ ft.) is $45.
  5.  Table rent is payable in ADVANCE when the reservation is made. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, and, in the event of your canceling WITHIN 72 HOURS of the show, we cannot carry your money over for a later date unless we are able to sell all the spaces for the show from which you canceled. To be guaranteed space for the next show, rent must be prepaid by the end of the present show. FOR DEALERS WANTING TO SET UP FOR THE FIRST TIME: Paid membership DOES NOT guarantee space at any particular show. We will accommodate as availability occurs; table reservations may be made by calling the phone reservationist at: 717-898-1246.
  6.  Vehicles may not be left in the loading zone. It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that everyone unload immediately and then move his/her vehicle to the designated dealer parking area. IF YOU WANT TO SHOP BEFORE UNLOADING, DO NOT PARK IN THE UNLOADING AREA UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO UNLOAD. VIOLATION OF THIS STIPULATION COULD RESULT IN A DEALER FORFEITING HIS/HER SPACE(S) AT UPCOMING PENNSYLVANIA MUSIC EXPOS.
  7.  KRC assumes any dealer space NOT OCCUPIED by 9:30 a.m. show day is available to persons on the waiting list (and those who come with merchandise), unless the dealer notifies the Show Coordinator in advance about a late arrival. Show Day Emergencies: Call the Show Coordinator at: 717-515-7223.
  8.  Each dealer MUST sign a dealer disclaimer sheet the first time he/she sets up at the show.
  9.  Dealers may not overlap merchandise into spaces that are unoccupied at the time. Absolutely no merchandise in the aisles (overflow may be placed under or behind table(s)). PLEASE CONSULT SHOW COORDINATOR WITH QUESTIONS.
  10.  Each dealer is responsible for leaving his/her table area in the same condition as originally found, this includes cleaning of up ANY debris you left. Failure to do so will result in losing the opportunity to rent table(s) at future KRC shows.
  11.  THE KEYSTONE RECORD COLLECTORS, INC. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FEDERAL, STATE, OR LOCAL TAXES. Each participant is responsible for his/her own. Also, KRC DOES NOT PERMIT the sale of any unauthorized recordings, videos, or DVD’s.
  12.  There shall be no open display of pornographic merchandise. Because the club strives to maintain high standards and customers are of all ages, this type of material is undesirable. Any questionable merchandise on display will be subject to the approval of the KRC officers.
  13.  Smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, disorderly conduct, and profane language will not be tolerated. Animals, except for seeing-eye dogs, are not allowed in the building. Violation of any of these may be grounds for dismissal from the show and/or club.
  14.  Dealers are encouraged to have an ample supply of bags for merchandise sold. Dealers are advised to have needed change available for transactions.
  15.  Sound level on record, tape, video/DVD, and CD players MUST be kept low and confined to the immediate table area.
  16. NO ONE is permitted to use amplified equipment for paging at the show, except for the official club announcer. If used, it will be confiscated until the end of the show.


 (KRC 12/11 Shaw)


In recent months the Pennsylvania Music Expo has experienced full capacity table rentals with several instances of waiting lists. As a result we have contracted with the Continental Inn to rent the room across the lobby for additional vendors. The room has a capacity of approximately 16, six-foot tables - all with wall space and electrical access. When we reach capacity for any show in Showroom North, we will offer Showroom South as an option to all vendors requesting space after that point.



Our goal is to accommodate new vendors yet be fair to our regulars as well.
Because of the increased demand for tables at the Pennsylvania Music Expo, the
following procedures need to be adhered to:

1. Because of their continued support of KRC throughout the years, our regular vendors have first refusal rights to the tables they're occupying until 3 PM at any given show.

2. It is the responsibility of vendors to notify the Show Coordinator no later
than 3 PM of their intentions regarding the next show. If they are rebooking
for the next show, payment must be made at that time.

3. If vendors are skipping a show or shows and want to be sure not to lose their
regular spots, it is essential that payment be made at that time for the next
show that they are doing.

4. Any tables not booked for the next show will then be made available to those
on the prepaid waiting list in the order in which the money was received.

5. To fit in people who are not regulars, we have been accepting prepayment
for shows several months in advance. The payments put those vendors at
the top of the waiting list for the date they want to set up.

6. Prepayment does not guarantee a spot, but it does make getting a table
much more likely as tables become available.

7. If someone who's prepaid cannot be accommodated, we will put that person
at the top of the waiting list for the next show of his/her choice or refund the
money to the vendor.

8. If a vendor must cancel for any given show, it is his/her responsibility to
notify the Phone Reservationist at least 48 hours before a scheduled show.
We would then be able to carry the money over to the next show and fill that
space with someone on the waiting list. Call the club voice mail at 717-898-

9. For cancellations inside of the 48 hour period we can only carry over money
if we are able to rent the table(s) in question to another vendor. Call the
club voice mail before 5 PM the day before the show; after that time, call the
Show Coordinator at 717-515-7223.

KRC/Yohe 10-13-2010


To make it easier for vendors to set up before official starting time of 9 AM, we have made an adjustment to our early admission procedures. Since we have a FREE admission show (officially from 9-3) and want to keep it that way, we have not tried to keep buyers out of the showroom before 9 am even though many vendors would prefer it that way. As a compromise, we have implemented the following changes. Since we are Keystone Record Collectors, we don't feel it's fair to keep club members out our two showrooms before 9 as long as they stay out of the way of vendors setting up. Effective immediately, all early shoppers need to be members of the club. Since many shows charge an early admission fee of up to $25, we feel that a yearly "fee" of $15 for membership is not unreasonable (that's just $1.25 per month). Anyone who chooses not to become a member will need to wait until 9 to come into either showroom to shop to make it easier for all vendors to set up. Members' hands will be stamped at the Show Coordinator's tables. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Show Coordinator Steve Yohe for further explanation at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 717-515-7223.

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