Dave also handles Phone Reservations for the shows

President Dave was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania. He grew up listening to the Top 99 on WIBG and subjected to the “Philly sound” for a long time. Dave started collecting records around 1963, stopped for a while in the late 1970's; however he became active once again when finding out about the Keystone Record Collectors. While living in Delaware, Dave, started attending the Pennsylvania Music Expo, first in Blue Ball. That got him hooked again.

Dave retired in July, 2009 after 42 years in the radio business, both on air and (mostly) engineering. Dave now operate, an internet station playing oldies you just don't hear anywhere else 25 hours a day 8 days a week. He became our xx th president in January, 2008.


Erna has the distinction of being the first and only female member of the officer team. She became secretary in 1990 and has held that position ever since. Her duties include memberships, running the club’s sales tables and keeping everyone “on track” at meetings. Erna enjoys her endeavors for the club and the camaraderie with all the officers, members and show customers.

Her music interests are mostly sound tracks, because of her love for movies and plays of the 1940’s and 50’s. She singles out her favorite personality as Jimmy Stewart. Her Stewart collection is wide and varied and much of it is on display at the Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, PA. She and her husband, Charlie, co-authored the book “Jimmy Stewart on the Air” which has been published by BearManor Media.


Newsletter & Communications

At the ripe old age of 8, our Communications and KEY-NOTES Editor bought his first 45’s: “She Loves You” by the Beatles and Ricky Nelson’s, “The Very Thought of You”. 20,000 45’s, 5,000 LP’s and 3,000 CD’s later, he is still collecting music. “If I like it, I keep it!” Derek attended his first KRC show in 1984 and has been hooked ever since. He was Treasurer and Vice President and later served as President from 1989-91. Derek took on the job of Newsletter, now KEY-NOTES Editor with Issue #55. He performs many other functions for the club, including serving as one of the Facebook administrators.

Derek has been involved in various aspects of broadcast communications from 1975 to 1994, first with his college radio station, WLFC and later with commercial outlets in Ohio as well as Clearfield, WCPA; Pittsburgh, WNUF; Reading, WRAW; Allentown, WAEB, Scranton, WEJL; Wilkes-Barre, WKRZ and WSBA in York, PA. He operates a side-line DJ entertainment business; is a free-lance writer for numerous music and amusement industry publications and serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Museum of Music and Broadcast History. Derek brings to the KRC his knowledge of music/radio history and affiliations with various related organizations that aide him in coordinating overall media relations for the Pennsylvania Music Expo.

Site Coordinator- BOB WILLIAMS

Show Coordinator- STEVE YOHE

Bob “Will” Williams…

Site Coordinator “Will” Williams started collecting vinyl when he was 12. He was greatly influenced by the Bill Haley movie, “Rock Around the Clock”. After that movie, “I went out and bought a Little Richard 45”. Will was a DJ for his 8th grade dances at St. Ambrose in North Philadelphia. “They let me keep the records at the end of the school year, including the Jayhawks, “Stranded in the Jungle.” ”
Will has had a long association with the KRC, first with the Market House in Columbia, as a shopper, then as a vendor in Blue Ball and finally as site coordinator at Lancaster Catholic, starting in March, 2005. Will was instrumental in landing that location for us, along with succeeding ones: Pennsylvania Jaycees Bingo Hall, German Trading Post, and our one show stop at the Ramada Inn on Hempfield Road. With less than 30 days to find a new spot, since the wrecking ball was rapidly approaching, Will secured our present location at the Continental Inn.

Steve Yohe…
Steve Yohe has been collecting records since junior high - 1957. The first purchase was Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock.”  Prior to that, he had been listening to his dad’s 78’s, which helped him develop his eclectic taste in music.  Steve parlayed that interest into a part-time singing career throughout high school and college with such groups as Monte and the Counts, the Pharaohs (forerunner to Little Duck and the Drakes), the Starfires, the Sonics, and the Respectables.
Steve wrote a music column in the school newspaper for several years while at Millersville State.  Having always wanted to be a deejay, he hung around the studios of WHEX radio in Columbia, PA in the mid-1970’s until they needed someone to do the weekend morning shifts and stayed on there for several years, eventually becoming Music Director. This is where he met Phil Schwartz, and the roots of KRC were planted.
As a co-founder, Steve became the club’s first vice president and second president. Later he helped Market Master Bob Atwater, and when Bob “retired” when the show left Columbia, he took over the job that has evolved into the current Show Coordinator position.

Club Photographer

Ron has been collecting albums for about 25 years and got involved with KRC when it was the show took place at Columbia Market House.  He held the office of Secretary for a few years.  “My house will only hold a few thousand LP’s so my collection is not growing as fast as I would like.” Ron always contributes fantastic photographs of the Pennsylvania Music Expo, show attendees and guests helping the KRC do a better job at promoting the monthly event.



Eddie’s musical journey began in Philadelphia, the year 1962. At the age of five, he was ushered into Sound Plus Recording Studios, and did a spoken intro to a song entitled “The Day Rock & Roll Dies,” waxed by his uncle Jim Drucker and ‘The Ly-Dells,’ known for their 1961 hit “Wizard Of Love.” Eddie was now ‘baptized’ into rock n’ roll!

Being handed his first 45’s by ‘The Blue-Bells’, ‘The Halos’ and ‘Barry DeVorzon’, was the fuel to ignite his Magnavox record player, and set him on a lifelong mission of collecting those stacks o’ wax. It also provided a thirst for knowledge of the artists, the stories behind the scenes, and in later years acting as emcee, and performing with his musical heroes.
Having an eclectic background in the music industry, as vocalist/drummer/bassist, Eddie worked with many high profile acts, and in 1978 toured nationally as musical director for “The Drifters.” He also enjoyed a career as radio personality “Mr. Ed” on the airwaves of “WMGS, WHLM, WSPI, WHLM, and numerous others. As a music historian, Eddie has contributed to many authors works, and also is a staff writer for KRC’s ‘Key-Notes.’
He is a member of The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia, and serves on the Board of Directors for The Pennsylvania Museum of Music and Broadcast History.


Charlie was a loyal listener of WSBA-AM, York, long before he ever purchased his first record. That first acquisition came early in January of 1964 when he became the proud owner of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles. Little did he know that nearly 50 years later he would still be collecting and writing about that group.  Along the way he has written and published two books – “You Can’t Do That” and “The Book of Beatles Lists.” He is also currently finishing up work on a book about Beatle novelty and tribute records. More than 5,500 such records have been documented.

Charlie picked up his first job in radio in late 1970 with the help of one of his former students. At WGAL AM/FM, he started in news before becoming a regular weekend DJ. In 1977 he moved to WQXA (Q-106) in York. Eventually, he was able to talk the station manager into allowing him to do a Beatles show. In early 1985, “Breakfast with the Beatles” went on the air. The show continued until late 1990 when the station hired outside consultants to program its music. Saying that no one wanted to listen to the Beatles anymore, the consultants closed down the show permanently. Fortunately, WVZN, a station operated by the Susquehanna Association for the Blind and Vision Impaired, quickly picked up the show and it aired there for an additional 15 years.

The first gathering of the folks who would become the founding members of KRC - Steve Yohe, Phil Schwartz, Ken Sweigart - was held in Charlie’s record room. In 1998, Charlie was elected treasurer of the KRC, a position he still occupies.


Special Projects Coordinator

Phil started listening to records (one of his earliest memories), when growing up in the northern PA community of Towanda. After relocating to Lancaster, to attend Franklin & Marshall College, he began a career as a college DJ, and Music Director on WWFM (now WFNM), and was hired by Susquehanna Broadcasting to do weekends on WSBA-AM, York, in 1971. This evolved into a nearly full time job, hosting the 7 pm to midnight show on and off for several years. Other radio gigs included WATS, Sayre, PA, WELM, Elmira, NY, and WHEX, Columbia, PA.  

 In 1974, a chance meeting with Charlie Reinhart, over a pile of used records at the local Goodwill store, led to conversation about getting local record collectors together for swapping information, and records.  These informal early gatherings led to the charter of the Keystone Record Collectors, Inc., in August, 1979, after combining two separate groups of collectors, from Lancaster and York Counties. Roy Robbins, Dallastown, was elected as the first president, while he served as the first secretary, banging out the early newsletters on his upright Royal typewriter.  Phil later served as editor for Recorder Magazine, which is now known as ReCollections. In 1994, he launched his own record label, X-Bat Records, to document and reissue music which had been out of print. Phil is also on the board of the Pennsylvania Museum of Music and Broadcast History.


Special Projects Coordinator Assistant

Thomas R. Grosh got his start in music collecting in second grade when he found a 45 rpm single in the hallway. When the teacher allowed Tom to keep the record after no one claimed it, a lifelong appreciation for rock and roll music collecting began. Saving his allowance, Toms' grandfather would be coerced to take him to the record store over a frequent occurrence for of many years.

While in high school and college, Tom learned how to play guitar and continued to purchase and develop his interest in music, playing in a few local bands. Grosh, a 1977 York College Business Management graduate, utilized this background for a career in retail (Doneckers Men's Store) while also introducing him to multi-tasking: buying for the men's store and buying, trading, and selling records in New York.  Remember, this pre-dates price guides, e-bay and the Internet. Eventually, Tom would take duplicates of records to New York to sell and thus, Very English and Rolling Stone, Groshs' business, was born.

Soon afterwards, Tom learned of the record collectors' show (which would evolve into the Keystone Record Collectors) in Columbia, PA, setting up at the very first show.  Throughout the years, Grosh has earned his real estate license, owns and manages residential and commercial property and has held positions as KRC Treasurer, Vice-President and President. Retiring after 32 years in retail, he currently works with Special Projects within the club with a goal of increasing the public's awareness about membership, what the club has to offer and attracting new members. Tom continues to be a strong proponent of the idea that the beauty of record collecting is that one is never done collecting!