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How often do you find your self surfing the web? Once, twice, three times a week. Where do you start? Where do you want to go? We all are always looking to find information on records, artists, labels, and anything or everything we can about our music We also want to listen to the best radio station for the music we like the most. And today there is plenty of it. Finding just what you want can be endless and you have to look though many pages of sites that you have no interest in.

Now Keystone record collectors, Is here to help.

We are revising and updating our links pages to be more useful for its members and collectors of all types of music. The links pages will be set up so you can find items by groups. Such as,

Radio stations-on the web, concerts, label and artist discography, music supplies, news articles on KRC and other music related news. We hope that the new links pages will give you a better starting point for your searches. Find something and share it with fellow members. How you search makes a big impact on what you find. We will even have a page where you can submit sites for consideration.

Another area to take into consideration is your web browser or search engine. There are more than you think, some help better some don’t, but it does make a difference I’ll review some and share the results as best I can.



Good luck searching and come back soon to see our new links pages



Bill Donohue

KRC past President / Links Moderator